Hennessy X.O Mathusalem

Remy Martin Louis Xiii Rare Cask 70cl
September 21, 2015

Hennessy X.O Mathusalem

Hennessy X.O. Mathusalem by Arik Levy

More than a spirit, Hennessy X.O. Mathusalem by Arik Levy is a work of art and a living symbol of Hennessy’s continuing quest for excellence and authenticity. It is the ultimate expression and celebration of the visionary craftsmanship and innovation of Hennessy’s master blenders.

Israeli artist Arik Levy has created a masterpiece of design made from Barenia® calfskin, first time in his distinguished career to house the Hennessy X.O. Mathusalem. As a work of art, Levy’s Mathusalem springs from unrivalled expertise and took long months to create and perfect.

Exclusively limited to just 100 pieces in the world, each Hennessy X.O Mathusalem by Arik Levy is numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity.